Appetizers / light lunches

Creamy chanterelle soup L, G €9.50
Roadhouse green salad L, G
French fries with BBQ or garlic dip L, G €7.00


Main courses

Pan-fried salmon L, G €21.90
Beef steak with peppery sauce L, G €21.90
Moose meat and bacon sautéed in ale L €23.50
Pork minute steak
Grilled chicken fillet with garlic dip L,G €19.90
Vegetable casserole with BBQ dip L,G €19.90

Choice of side dishes:
mashed potato / potato wedges / French fries / vegetables / rice
Chanterelle soup L, G €16.50



Roadhouse burger €15.50
beef / chicken / vegetable patty
salad, tomato, red onion, cheese, BBQ sauce
French fries on the side with BBQ or garlic dip
Additional dips: BBQ, garlic, or catsup €1.50



Farmer’s seasonal green salad
plain €12.50
with chicken €14.50
with salmon €16.50


Children’s meals

Mashed potato and meatballs L €9.50
French fries and hot dogs L €8.50
Children’s burger, salad, tomato, catsup L
French fries and catsup on the side €8.50
Children’s pork minute steak and french fries €8.50



Warm squeaky cheese with cream L, G €9.50
Chocolate cake and berry Melba €8.50
Ice cream with sauce and whipped cream €6.50
Coffee €3.00
Tea €2.00

Ask our staff for more information about the meals