The caravan area

The caravan area has 30 seasonal sites available for year-round use. In addition to seasonal sites, Rokuanhovi offers a few daily spots that are available 24/7. The caravan area provides access to shower and toilet facilities, dishwashing stations, drinking water, and chemical toilet disposal. A new service building with toilets, showers, and a dishwashing station is expected to be completed by fall 2023.

Guests staying in the caravan area can use the public sauna sessions for an additional fee. For seasonal site holders, Saturday public sauna sessions are included in the site fee. Daily site holders can access the public sauna sessions for an additional charge.

It is recommended to book daily sites in advance. The daily accommodation period starts at 3 PM on the day of arrival and ends by 12 PM on the day of departure.

Camping outside the designated caravan area is strictly prohibited on the Rokuanhovi grounds.